Chen - The Holy Knight

Chen - The 
Holy Knight  
Chen - The Holy Knight
Range: 600 | Move Speed: 300
Primary: INT
Str: 20 + 1.5 | Agi: 15 + 2.1 | Int: 21 + 2.8
Damage: 43 – 53 | HP: 530 | Mana: 273
HP Regen: 0.85 | Mana Regen: 0.85
Attack Speed: 0.68 | Armor: 1

Prophesizing a new dawn, a new world cleansed of the old evils, the Holy Knight's entrance into the war against the Scourge forever changed the course of history. A crusader riding under the banner of Hextar, the Holy Knight promises ever-lasting glory and redemption for those who march with him, and obstacles ahead to test the faith of all those sworn to forever cleanse evil from the land. Fanatically devoted to his cause, his followers come from every race, every background, and will stop at nothing to see the Scourge destroyed. If ever the redeeming hand of God touched earth, its name was Chen, the Holy Knight.

Penitence Penitence (E)
Forces a unit to accept punishment for its sins, causing it to move slower and accept more damage from attacks and spells. Lasts 7 seconds.
Level 1 - 8% movement speed reduction, and 7% increased damage taken.
Level 2 - 16% movement speed reduction, and 14% increased damage taken.
Level 3 - 24% movement speed reduction, and 21% increased damage taken.
Level 4 - 32% movement speed reduction, and 28% increased damage taken.
• Bonus damage will always be physical (reduced by armor), regardless of the damage source.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 14 seconds
 of Faith Test of Faith (T)
If cast on enemy, will deal variable damage based on the unit's faith. If cast on allied Hero, it will teleport the hero to safety. Instantly teleports Chen's persuaded units to safety.
Level 1 - 50-100 Damage to foes, 6 second casting time for allies.
Level 2 - 100-200 Damage to foes, 5 second casting time for allies.
Level 3 - 150-300 Damage to foes, 4 second casting time for allies.
Level 4 - 200-400 Damage to foes, 3 second casting time for allies.
• Damage type: pure
• The amount of damage dealt is random.
• The -disablehelp command will stop an allied Chen from being able to teleport your hero with this ability.
Mana Cost: 175
Cooldown: 30/28/26/24
Holy Persuasion Holy Persuasion (R)
Takes control of a target enemy unit.
Level 1 - 1 unit Max. 75 HP Bonus.
Level 2 - 1 unit Max. 150 HP Bonus.
Level 3 - 2 unit Max. 225 HP Bonus.
Level 4 - 3 unit Max. 300 HP Bonus.
When persuading a new creep above your max unit count, a random persuaded unit (which could be the one you just persuaded) will die.
Mana Cost: 100
Cooldown: 30 seconds
of God Hand of God (D)
Fully regenerates your converted creeps. Heals all allied heroes on the map.
Level 1 - 200 HP Healed.
Level 2 - 300 HP Healed.
Level 3 - 400 HP Healed.
Mana Cost: 200/300/400
Cooldown: 120 (30*) seconds
• Heals spell immune units.
• Aghanim's Scepter greatly improves the cooldown(* shows the improved values).
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