Aiushtha - The Enchantress

 - The Enchantress  

Aiushtha - The Enchantress
Range: 550 | Move Speed: 305
Primary: INT
Str: 16 + 1 | Agi: 19 + 1.8 | Int: 16 + 2.8
Damage: 47 – 57 | HP: 454 | Mana: 208
HP Regen: 0.73 | Mana Regen: 0.65
Attack Speed: 0.70 | Armor: 2

Although all Dryads are Cenarius' daughters, Aiushtha is said to be his first and favorite. Because of her direct relation to him, she has borrowed much of his power. This is demonstrated by her control over the shy Wisps which she uses to heal her allies, and her ability to bring an opponent under the will of the Sentinel. Preferring ranged combat to melee, she fashioned a spear that strikes with more force the further her target is away. Her agility is unmatched, and any opponent attempting to kill her will find she skips ahead of them with surprising ease. 

Untouchable Untouchable (U)
Whenever the Enchantress is attacked, she beguiles the unit into slowing its attack for 3 seconds.
Level 1 - 20% reduction.
Level 2 - 40% reduction.
Level 3 - 60% reduction.
Level 4 - 80% reduction.
• All units who directly attack or cast spells (not AoE) on Enchantress will get slowed.
• The slow will be applied in the attacking unit when he commences his attack, not when he actually damages Enchantress.
Mana Cost: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Enchant Enchant (C)
Brings target unit under control of Aiushtha for 80 seocnds, and will die afterwards. If the unit cannot be converted, it will instead be slowed for 5.5 seconds.
Level 1 - 20% slow if unit cannot be converted.
Level 2 - 30% slow if unit cannot be converted.
Level 3 - 40% slow if unit cannot be converted.
Level 4 - 50% slow if unit cannot be converted.
• Converted creeps last for 80 seconds.
• Illusions can be converted.
Mana Cost: 65
Cooldown: 30/ 25/ 20/ 15
Nature`s Attendants Nature`s Attendants (R)
Releases a swarm of wisps to heal nearby allies in a 300 radius. Each wisp lasts 10 seconds and heals 10hp/sec.
Level 1 - 3 Wisps.
Level 2 - 5 Wisps.
Level 3 - 7 Wisps.
Level 4 - 9 Wisps.
• Units with full HP will not be selected for the heal.
• Can heal units with magic immunity.
Mana Cost: 125/ 140/ 155/ 170
Cooldown: 45
Impetus Impetus (T)
Gives strength to the Enchantress' attacks, causing them to deal greater damage the further away the target is. Damage type is pure.
Level 1 - Deals 15% of the distance in damage, with a 375 damage cap.
Level 2 - Deals 20% of the distance in damage, with a 500 damage cap.
Level 3 - Deals 25% of the distance in damage, with a 625 damage cap.
Mana Cost: 55/60/65
Cooldown: 0
• The maximum damage is dealt at 2500 range. If this distance is exceeded, no bonus damage will be dealt.
• You can target magic immune units with this skill, but the bonus damage will not be applied.
• Distance to target is measured when projectile hits, meaning that running away from the target after using Impetus will increase the damage dealt.
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